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Jukebox Cycling brings top-level multidisciplinary cyclists together with the goal of promoting positive people doing awesome things on and off the bike.

We want our athletes to all be different. We believe athletes should be empowered. We want our athletes to have the power and the support to excel, whether success looks like a win at Big Sugar Gravel or making it up Mount Lemmon faster than anyone ever has before. We have very different aims from any team you’ve seen before: We want to empower our riders to push the envelope with what’s possible in cycling.

Our riders are visionaries, rule-breakers, inspirations, badasses—they’re riders with that certain something that sets them apart from the rest of the peloton. From a former World Tour racer to up-and-coming gravel aficionados to a world class cyclocrosser, the roster isn’t well-balanced. It’s deliberately out of balance, with the scales tipped towards riders who follow their passions with their whole hearts.

 Everyone has their own strength and skill set, and they’re racing where they want to race—but they’ll be coming together for a few key races, and when they do, magic is going to happen.

Live event

Join us January 1st at 7pm EST on Facebook Live to talk all things gravel with Alexey Vermeulen, Adam Roberge and Dylan Johnson.

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Meet the Riders

Meet Jukebox Cycling, where each member with their own unique skillset and specialties.

Expect the unexpected with this team.
We’ll show up.
We’re currently riding with 6 athletes. All with their own unique skillset and speciliaties, together theu’re a different kind of team.
1,003,871 ft
Phil Gaimon climbed 1,003,871 ft in 2021.
927h 26m
Adam Roberge spent 927 hours and 26 minutes on the bike in 2021.
Ruby West raced 3 different disciplines in 2021.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who sponsors the Jukebox Cycling team?

Unlike other teams where the roster of athletes all share other sponsors, Jukebox Cycling’s riders all have their own stable of individual, personal sponsors they work with for bikes, clothing, nutrition and more in addition to being sponsored by Jukebox, a print company.

Is Jukebox Cycling an American team?

While Jukebox Cycling has riders in the US, it’s owned by Canadian print company Jukebox and also has Canadian cyclists and one cyclist from the UK on the team roster.

Who rides for the Jukebox cycling team?

The initial squad consists of six riders from three countries, with a huge range of cycling backgrounds, experiences and goals in the sport. From Xander Graham, the 12-year-old phenom who lit up the Tour of Britain this season; to Phil Gaimon, the poorly-retired former Pro Tour racer; to Ruby West, a cyclocross champion turned track racer in her spare time, this team will make waves in different races around the world in coming seasons. Three of the riders—Dylan Johnson, Alexey Vermeulen and Adam Roberge—will be participating in the top gravel event in the US, Life Time’s Grand Prix.

When did the Jukebox cycling team form?

The team was launched in 2022.

How many riders are on Jukebox cycling team?

In year one, the Jukebox Cycling team has six riders competing in several different disciplines. (You can see the full roster here.)