6 More Easy Gift Ideas from Jukebox Cycling

16 Dec
5 min

Socks (Seriously)

Any Darn Tough socks! I receive these for every occasion (thanks mom!) and it seriously is the gift that never gets old. A good pair of warm socks, you'll never go wrong. Everyone can ALWAYS use more socks! And I think these ones come with a lifetime warranty, not that I'd know, all mine are holding up perfectly years on. -Ruby West

Get them: https://darntough.com/

Elite Suito Smart Trainer

This trainer is a game changer for the dark winter months—and great for helping get a new cyclist started! -Xander Graham

Get it: https://www.elite-it.com/en/products/home-trainers/interactive-trainers/suito-t

Nice Water Bottle

The Bivo Insulated bottle is great as a gift! I love the Bivo bottle for many reasons, - clean taste, no mold or mildew that collects in the bottles, easy to disassemble fully and clean, lightweight, good for the environment (so much less wasteful than the plastic bottles we replace every few months). This one specifically is insulated to keep your water, or drink of choice cold on hot days, or warm on the chilly ones, especially helpful for winter rides in Canada! -Ruby West

Get it here: https://drinkbivo.com/collections/all/products/bivo-trio?variant=41416790311098

A Flo Bikes or GCN Race Pass Subscription

I'll be getting this for my parents and brother this year...don't tell them yet! Best way to watch all sorts of bike racing wherever I am in the world (or so they can keep up with my boyfriend's hectic road racing schedule). Buying them their own subscriptions so they can stop kicking me off mine when they log in at the same time as I'm watching something halfway across the world! -Ruby West

Get it here: Flobikes.com

Rapha Handlebar Bag

For those long days on the bike carrying your kit (or a LOT of snacks!), this is a great gift for any cyclist since it can fit on pretty much any bike, and it's rainproof so your phone (and snacks) can stay dry. -Xander Graham

Get it here: https://www.rapha.cc/ca/en/shop/bar-bag/product/BBA01XXBMG