Chequamegon 40 Photo Gallery

22 Sep

The fifth race in the Life Time Grand Prix Series happened in Wisconsin this weekend at the Chequaegon 40. In this photo gallery from Wil Matthews, we heard from our racers about how the race played out:

"A last minute thunderstorm turned the course into a mudfest, it felt like a 2 hour cross race." - Dylan Johnson

"I gambled with an unusual bike setup, putting drop bars on my hardtail MTB. I actually think it worked really well. I wasn't losing anything in the descents and it was definitely faster on the gravel sections. That being said I think it would have done even better in the dry because the speeds would have been higher." - Dylan Johnson
"I've raced Chequamegon 40 three times. I won the first time I did it, and was second last year behind Cole Patton. But this year was probably the most stacked field of the race has ever seen." -Alexey Vermeulen
"Aside from the obvious muddy mess, Chequmeagon was as fun to ride as it is to spell! I've been getting some big days on the MTB, and really feel like it's starting to pay off. I'm still learning a TON every race, and getting to experience some of the wildest off-road racing in the US while I'm at it." -Ashton Lambie
"Honestly, it was just a lot of fun. It's a blast for me, racing mountain bikes in Wisconsin again. And it's the first race where it was just on from the beginning, such a sprint the whole way. And now, there's just one race to go in the Grand Prix. So I'm happy with how it went and now I can focus on Bentonville and Big Sugar." -Alexey Vermeulen
"My first ride in Wisconsin didn't disappoint, and I can't wait for the last stop in the LTGP series soon!" -Ashton Lambie
"Yeah, the conditions changed a lot from the days spent pre-riding the course. I think that was quite an eye-opener to people. We just got dumped on an hour before the start. And everything that had been drying fast became wet and greasy. Even pros were off their bikes running up the big hill." -Alexey Vermeulen

Molly Hurford

Author for the Jukebox Cycling Team