From the Ground Up is Looking for New Riders—Check Out the Latest from Alexey Vermeulen

24 Jan
10 MIN

Jukebox Cycling's Alexey Vermeulen and his friend and fellow pro rider Ryan Petry want to get new riders on bikes and to the races—and not just any bike races, the biggest races in the country. Their project, From the Ground Up, is now in the second season and looking for applicants. Want to kickstart your cycling journey and test your mettle at the Leadville 100 MTB race? Applications are open until 1/31!

In Season 2, Alexey and Ryan wanted to improve on the success of the 2021 concept by showing that newcomers and beginners can take on the challenge of the Leadville Trail 100 while learning the foundational elements that ignite excitement and passion around becoming a life-long bike enthusiast. Changes from Season 1 include a longer timeline to train, riding the Unbound 50 or 100, a partnership with Visit Bentonville for a training camp, and incorporating Season 1 participants. As this project grows, the goal remains to create entertaining; relatable storytelling while including a bit of education along the way—and of course, to see the athletes come into their own as cyclists!

In case you missed it: From the Ground Up is a 6-part series presented by Outside TV and Professional Cyclists Alexey Vermeulen and Ryan Petry. Together they document the journey of 3 new riders as they prepare to take on the Leadville Trail 100 MountainBike Race. Focusing on education and inclusivity, the series aims to make the sport of cycling less intimidating and more approachable while inspiring riders of all abilities to take on a challenge of their own! (You can read more about the project here.)


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