How Adam Roberge and Dylan Johnson Set Up Their Gravel Bikes for Mid South 100

17 Mar
10 MIN

Despite both riding the Factor LS gravel bike this season, Adam Roberge and Dylan Johnson have very different bike setups—but it's all about the tiny details! Check out Adam's gear check heading into the Mid South Gravel 100, where he finished third:

Dylan's bike setup differed both in terms of geometry with a slightly more forward saddle, as well as his choice of tires. He opted for the Challenge Getaway 40s with Evo Gravel inserts, while Adam used Pirelli's 35mm gravel tires (swapped from the 40s he wanted to ride in order to shed mud smoother). Dylan also opted to ride with Quarq Dfour 52/36 chainrings while Adam rode a 1x with Shimano's GRX.

Check out Dylan's full setup here:

And gear-wise, fuel was different for the two. (You can read about both of their nutrition approaches during gravel racing right here.)

Cover Photo by @iconmediaasheville

Molly Hurford

Author for the Jukebox Cycling Team