Phil's Fondo Tour of California for No Kid Hungry is Coming in May!

20 Apr

From May 16 to 22, join the worst retired pro ever Phil Gaimon on Phil's Fondo Tour of California for No Kid Hungry. This is be a self-supported ride, where folks can join for the week, the day, or just an hour. It's no charge and self-paced, but Phil's routes and times are public.

Starting in Palo Alto, the goal is to build up over the course of the week to a big day on Mt. Baldy on Saturday with all of the local LA riders, and a fun/social day on Sunday with families and kids doing laps of the Rose Bowl where the Amgen Tour would finish.

Join for the week, the day, or just an hour. THIS RIDE IS NO CHARGE BUT SELF- SUPPORTED and self-paced. We'll ride a friendly speed, but bring a friend and be prepared to change your own flats, book your hotels, transport your own gear, find your own water, etc.

Phil is asking followers and riders who join in to donate to show support, and Chefs Cycle is letting riders create their own fundraising pages so their raise funds from their network. Phil is on a mission to help solve childhood hunger, riding his bike to spread the word about No Kid Hungry, and sharing his love of cookies with the world and donating $1 for every bag of Phil's Cookies sold. With a goal of raising $5,000,000 this year, we'll need your help!

You can see all of the riding routes for the event right here on Phil's Strava Club.

Not in CA to ride? You can still donate to Phil's No Kid Hungry page right here.

If you want to raise money for No Kid Hungry by riding with Phil or doing your own solo mission, you can create a fundraiser here.