Rachel Pageau's Easy Meal Prep Vegan Poke-Style Bowl

7 Dec

Want an easy meal prep day to set you up for a healthy (delicious) week ahead? We're a little obsessed with Rachel Pageau's rice bowls that are packed with healthy carbs, veggies, and tons of nutrient-dense additions! Here, she's sharing a few secrets to make the perfect bowls... and the best part? You can prep a few all at the same time, so you have lunch for every day of the week.

Prep your rice right: Rachel adds some rice vinegar, sugar and salt in the rice to make it taste more like traditional sushi rice. Add strips of seaweed for flavor + serious nutrition—just make sure to chop them into small pieces!

Speed up sweet potato prep: Rachel air fried the sweet potatoes + has done similar with tofu to add some tasty crunch without a lot of oil.

Add fresh veggies for crunch: Kale, cucumber and carrots are nutrient-dense AND add great texture.

Avocado and mango add healthy fat and a sweet, unexpected flavor.

Top with pickled ginger, more seaweed, crispy noodles, and perhaps a spicy mayo to bring it all together. Bonus toppers: Rachel normally adds scallions, edamame and black sesame seeds, but use what you have on hand!

Remember, this looks IG-worthy before eating, but don't be afraid to shake your bowl up before digging in, to get the best blend of textures and flavors mixed together!