Dylan Johnson

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MTB and Gravel
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Shenandoah 100 winner

You might know Dylan Johnson from the Internet, where he posts lengthy YouTube videos breaking down the science of cycling, from how well suspension really works to how to improve your FTP. Or you might know him from mountain bike ultra-endurance racing, which he’s been doing since he tackled his first 100-miler at 15 years old. Or maybe you saw him this last season when he burst onto the gravel scene, taking third place overall in the Belgian Waffle Triple Crown. And now, with Jukebox, he’ll be targeting the Life Time Grand Prix along with two of his teammates in his second full gravel-focused season.

Rapid fire round:

Weirdest bike riding experience:
It’s not quite a bike story, but... I was going to races with a friend on the West Coast and after one race, we were staying with an acquaintance of his, and after a couple days, they were out in the garage doing bike maintenance and got in a huge fight about suspension setup and the fight got so intense that we had to leave. 

Top 3 desert island staples:
I would bring my bike to ride, my camera to film, and my laptop to edit so that I could do everything that I'm currently doing while on the desert island. Hopefully there's enough food on the island, but if I have those three things so I can continue to ride and put YouTube videos on the internet, I’m happy. Hopefully the island has WiFi?

“Ride up” song:
Bro Hymn by Pennywise